Classic Dog Harness

Correct measurements ensure a no slip and no choke perfect fit. Please refer to our sizing chart to find the best harness for your dog.

Strong ultra padded vests include recycled straps made from recycled water bottles. We use environmental friendly material that is highly durable designed to disperse the dog's weight onto the chest to not choke the pet's trachea. Tested mesh fabric is an all purpose and all weather ultra padded breathable harness for hot, rainy, or snowy days.

Our vest harness is escape proof when the dog has the correct sizing. These harnesses are made to sit a bit higher than most dog harnesses, this ensures that it is harder for your puppy or dog to escape. Specially made to not constrict dogs trachea. The harness incorporates the highest standard of specialized safety buckle, and custom built to ensure the highest level of strength and long-lasting safety.